Kurt Okraku

The Chairman of the GFA Ad hoc Compensation Committee, Mr Frederick Moore, has clarified the committee’s decision to increase the allowance of GFA President Kurt Okraku from GHS4,388 to GHS12,000.

Members of the GFA Congress on Tuesday, 1 September 2020, approved the proposal, which also means Kurt Okraku will be paid GHS1,600 as sitting allowance, GHS600 as domestic travel/feeding allowance, $500 per day as foreign travel/feeding allowance.

The GFA President is also entitled to fuel allowance and GHS1,000 for airtime.

However, Mr Okraku will not be given ex gratia when he leaves office.

“We looked at the benchmark over the years.

“We looked at other organisations in the country from small to large”, Freddie Moore told the floor of Congress.

He added: “We looked at other West African associations, and, most importantly, we looked at the impact on the FA’s finances”.

“So, on the basis of the rationale, we came up with the recommendation of a monthly allowance, a certain allowance travel and all the subsequent things”, he explained.

According to him, “We also looked at the role that the Exco members and the president and the vice president were going to play, because it was clear that the role that they were playing this time around was different from the role the Exco then [Large Exco] played in previous years”.

“So, all of those factors were taken into account before our recommendation,” he concluded.

A further breakdown means the GFA Vice President, Mark Addo, takes home GHS7,000 as allowance, GHS1,400 as sitting allowance, GHS500 as domestic travel/feeding allowance, $400 per day as foreign travel/feeding allowance, a fuel allowance and GHS600 for airtime.

The GFA Executive Council members are entitled to GHS4,000 each as monthly allowance, GHS 1,300 each as sitting allowance, GHS400 as domestic travel/feeding and $300 per day as foreign travel/feeding allowance.

King Faisal FC owner, Alhaji Karim Grusah and RAG President, Joe Debrah, raised concerns about the amount being spent on remunerations. Nonetheless, members of congress approved the monies.

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