The Kumasi Technical University will conduct its end of semester examinations into two batches

The Kumasi Technical University will conduct its end of semester examinations into two batches, firstly for the second year students and later for the first-year students, management of the University has disclosed.

According to the University’s management, this is to avoid overcrowding during the exam period while it complies with the directive of the President for tertiary institutions to reopen to enable them to finish off the semester.

Registrar of the University, Ebenezer Kofi Boakye speaking to Class News’ regional correspondent Elisha Adarkwah on Monday, 24 August 2020 revealed that the school has a population of 7000 students and, thus, cannot accommodate both first and second-year students on campus for the examination during the same period.

He, however, explained that measures have been put in place to ensure that students return to school to take the exams.

Mr Boakye said: “We have divided the students into two groups whilst we implement the president’s directive to let them come. The reason is that we have a comparatively small campus but we expect 7000 students, the second and first years together. So academic board met in response to the President’s directive and decided that once we implement it, we break the students into two groups with the second years coming first.

“Do some revision for a week, and write the exams for one week. Then when they go back, we bring the first years in. We’re doing this to protect the students and everybody else. We thought 7000 students crowding in this small campus might pose some problems even though we have prepared very seriously against the COVID-19.”

The Registrar of the University also advised the students to observe the COVID-19 safety protocols when they return to campus and not get carried away.

“I actually take this opportunity to advice the students coming that they should be careful whatever they do, they should not dwell on their youthful exuberance so much and forget about the COVID-19 protocols. They should comply with every directive and go through their education peacefully and when the time comes for them to go back, they go peacefully and when the time comes for the president to direct the next academic year to begin, then we’ll all begin it peacefully.”

The Registrar further assured students of the University’s preparedness to host them for the examination period.

He indicated that the University has a COVID-19 response team ensuring that everyone who enters the campus complies with the safety protocols.

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