With registration exercise currently ongoing, eligible Ghanaians voters would head to the polls to select leaders who will spearhead the affairs of the country for the next four years.

“Love is the way to go as the election approaches and I think it is not the wish of any political leader to plunge the country into war or disaster because if you do that, who are you going to do the good things you promised for.

“I know it is not the wish for any nation to fight when it comes to elections but because it is a struggle for power, it is common to find people engaging in fights, but I urge the youth not engage in anything that would the name of the country into disrepute,’’ Stonebwoy told pressmen at the launch of Asaase’s Radio Sound Clash.

He urged the youth to go out and register for the Voter ID Card as the closing date for registration draws near so as to be able to exercise their civic responsibility of choosing leaders for the country come December 7, 2020.

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