Tommy Annan Forson

Veteran broadcaster Tommy Annan Forson has advised Ghanaians to focus on personal development aside from classroom-style education.

He told Docta Kay on Accra100.5FM’s drive-time show, Nkran Kwanso, that education, in all forms, is very important and has no end.

In view of this, he said students must set personal goals aimed at increasing their knowledge.

Citing his personal experience as an example, Mr Annan Forson said: “All the good English that I speak in my broadcasting career, in whatever it is, were, let’s say, 70 per cent self-taught because my first book is the Bible. My second book was the dictionary. I still use that.”

He continued: “But how many people dedicate themselves to say that: ‘I want this’ … Look, even people are buying degrees”.

“People are buying doctorate degrees. People are buying everything. And, so, how is our educational system going to work if people do not want to commit themselves to learning the right thing?”

He further bemoaned how young people, nowadays, have difficulties executing basic tasks that should come easy because of their qualifications.

“How many people, today, even in the universities, excuse me to ask, can even write a CV or application letter correctly?

“Our education system is not working well,” he further stressed.

He said people acquire educational qualifications but are unable to secure jobs because of their inability to do things properly to earn them the spot.

He reiterated that the country’s educational system “is not a matter of free SHS… but your personal ability to learn and get somewhere in life.”

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