The Ghana Badminton Association (BAG) will hold its Members Forum and Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Saturday, November 28, in Accra.

In view of this, it has served the delegated members of the Association with notice regarding the impending meetings.

The Council, AGM, and Members´ Forum Meeting would consist of presentations on events, development, governance and regional membership round-table discussions and sharing sessions among experts, presenters and delegates from the National Members in good standing Association.

The AGM and Members Forum would put forward ideas for presentation and discussion on topics of reports from the President, consideration of annual reports, budgets, programmes, and audited financial statements.

The purpose of the forum is to present relevant information to the Members of all Regional Member Associations and Clubs in good standing. The Association would provide members with a forum to network and communicate with colleagues from other regions.

The association would also use the opportunity to present latest developments, strategy and future of Ghana Badminton to Members. The members’ forum will also look into proposals regarding thirty percent allocation by 2023 on female gender representation on Board and Committee representation at the Members´ Forum. The ultimate outcome will be to produce a forward-looking Strategic Plan towards 2025.

There would also be solidarity messages from members of key sporting institutions in the country and all COVID-19 protocols would be strictly observed.

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