Member of Parliament for Tarkwa Nsuaem, George Mireku Duker

The Member of Parliament for Tarkwa Nsuaem in the Western Region, Mr George Mireku Duker, has expressed worry over the granting of bail of a suspect who was arrested for allegedly attacking a member of his family.

Reports indicated that a family member of the MP was attacked following a chieftaincy dispute in the area.

Subsequently, one of the alleged persons was arrested and assisting with investigations.

But speaking to Class91.3FM’s parliamentary affairs correspondent Charles Akrofi, Mr Duker maintained that the police in the area is relenting on its efforts to bring the perpetrators to book following the granting of bail of the suspect who was arrested earlier.

The Tarkwa Nsuaem legislator also said members of his community are worried about the police granting a suspect who allegedly attacked his nephew bail.

According to the MP, the suspect had been arrested by the police for assaulting his family member but was granted bail on Tuesday, 13 October 2020.

“Those who were butchered are part of my extended family. There was a funeral. We normally do funerals in front of my family house and just a small boy was standing by, holding a phone and these thugs thought that the small boy was recording them. So, they pounced on him, a woman standing by pleaded that the small boy should not be manhandled. These guys, notwithstanding, got one of my nephews really deeply butchered and he just mentioned that why are you doing this to the small boy.

“So, they did it in front of my house, I had this public address system also mounted, they just got it destroyed and unfortunately, the guy who was arrested has been granted bail and this is really really sad. The people of my community are worried. They’re the same people who led a team to get the palace of my hometown also burnt.

“Unfortunately, we’ve also got one imposter running around that he is the Tufuhene of Dompem. Meanwhile, he is not the Tufuhene of Dompem and he has been confusing people that they’ve not attacked my home, meanwhile, the pictures are there to see.”

Mr Duker disclosed this after the Minister for the Interior, Mr Ambrose Dery, had addressed the members of the house on measures being put in place by his ministry to ensure the safety and security of lawmakers.

Reacting to the news of the deployment of 200 police bodyguards to protect members of the house, the Tarkwa Nsuaem MP emphasised the need to protect lives of citizens of the country.

 “Now, we’re addressing this matter. I believe going forward, we need to collectively, also beef up the operations of the security.

“We need to make sure we protect lives. Every life is important as far as this country is concerned, as far as human entity is concerned, so, I wouldn’t underrate any human being.

“Everybody is important but we need to also make sure that we go by the principles and tenets that we have established because we, people who are leaders, that we all look up to, I believe it’s a good call to collectively see how best we can protect each and every individual.”

The MP called on the police to beef up security in the country to ensure safety.

“As much as the minister is urging us to have bodyguards, we’re also asking the police to beef up their game because you can’t just take people’s lives for granted and somebody will be just butchered and the person will just be granted bail.”

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