Victor Kodzogah Adawudu

Members of LINSOD (Lawyers in search of democracy), a group of Ghanaian lawyers whose membership are drawn from various civil and political groupings in the country, have served notice of their intention to embark on an ‘occupy EC’ activity by picketing the Electoral Commission’s office in the early hours of Friday, 2 October 2020.

The lawyers say their action is intended to highlight the “inefficiency and incompetence of the EC as a body, which cannot successfully conduct the December 2020 election and whose actions are a threat to Ghana’s democracy and peaceful existence.”

LINSOD also said the demonstration, which is in accordance with its constitutional rights, is to further register its reservation, disappointment and protest against the EC for the “mass disappearance” of eligible voters’ names on the provisional voter register, as reported in several parts of the country, “as observed during the ongoing exhibition exercise”.

A statement from the lawyers, signed by Mr Victor Kodzogah Adawudu, its spokesperson, described as “worrisome, imagining that this unprecedented incident in the history of the preparation of the voter register is not deliberate to frustrate voters of their inalienable right to vote on the election day, thereby suppressing the will of the people by disenfranchising them, thus, creating an atmosphere or climate of  confusion which will be a threat to the conduct of the December 2020 general elections and democracy.”

LINSOD said it will give notice of the event of the picketing, as soon as the Ghana Police Service is notified of the event in compliance with the Public Order Act.A

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