Affail Monney

The Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) has requested all journalists whose duties may not allow them to vote on Election Day at the polling stations they registered but wish to take advantage of the special or early voting opportunity, to send their details to the Ghana International Press Centre by 10 October 2020.

The GJA is requesting the following details:

1. Name

2. Voter ID Number

3. Code on ID Card

4. Polling Station

Regulation 23, sub-regulation 2(a) of C. I. 94 states that the application for Special Voting shall be made no later than 42 days before polling day in the constituency of the applicant.

The GJA, in a statement, said journalists who want to benefit from this provision should, therefore, send their particulars to the Association before the October 10 deadline to enable the EC to process their applications for special voting.

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