Tophic Sienu

Division One League Management Committee member, Sheik Tophic Sienu, has urged clubs at that level to exercise patience as the committee continues to engage the GFA to possibly review the disbursement plan of the FIFA COVID-19 Relief Fund.

Speaking to Class91.3FM’s sports show, Gameplan, Sheik Tophic Sieny explained that although the division one league had $360,000, the clubs received a fraction of it.  

“Because of the number of Division One clubs, we had $7,500 each, which is directly half of what the premier league clubs are getting,” Sienu explained. 

According to him, the premier league clubs are 18 in number, unlike the 48 clubs at the Division One level. 

So, allocating $270,000 to the premier league meant that each club will receive $15,000. 

These concerns arose following a post on the GFA website

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