Accra, Oct. 21, GNA – The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has tagged its Election 2020 Manifesto as Social Contract between the people of Ghana and the next NDC Government.

Creating a bright future for Ghana and our people means delivering on our Social Contract and ensuring that the vision comes to life. In our quest to build a sustainable society with opportunities for all, we will continue to prioritise quality education and skills development as the cornerstone of progress.

“We will embark on a US$10 billion accelerated infrastructural plan, dubbed the ‘Big Push’, which will drive jobs and entrepreneurial agenda,” the NDC stated in its Peoples’ Manifesto.

The NDC said it would re-dedicate itself to the expansion of economic freedom and opportunities by providing incentives for small businesses to grow, and, encourage local community development.

“In addition, we will build an environment for digital transformation and domestic manufacturing to support job creation, the party asserted based on which it’s asking the electorate to vote for Former President John Dramani Mahama Presidential Candidate as the next President of Ghana.

“As Social Democrats, the NDC subscribes to a compassionate political philosophy that seeks to create opportunities for all to develop to their fullest potential.

“We believe that our pursuit of economic prosperity for all Ghanaians can best be achieved through appropriate regulation and strategic investments,”.

The NDC is, therefore, committed to using the legal, fiscal and trade instruments at our disposal, to safeguard the jobs of today and create sustainable jobs for the future.

The NDC said its overarching goal was to deliver jobs and prosperity for all Ghanaians. “To achieve this, Mr John Dramani Mahama together with Professor Jane Naana Opoku Agyeman the Vice-Presidential Candidate will focus on delivering on six development priorities over the next four years.

The NDC six priorities are: Fixing the Economy and Uniting Against Poverty; Promoting Human Development; Providing Infrastructure for Accelerated Growth; Creating Sustainable and Decent Jobs “Edwuma Pa”; Promoting Good Governance, Anti-Corruption and Accountability and Deepening International Relations and Foreign Affairs.

Based on it, the former President Mahama affirmed that “I have had the unique privilege of providing leadership as President, stepping back, and being elected again to lead the NDC into the December 2020 elections.

“I have had the opportunity, during the period, to reflect soberly on the challenges and expectations of governance and the heavy burden of people’s hopes and aspirations that come with it”.

He said Ghana cannot afford to do things in the same old way. “Survival and success for today and future generations require a much more urgent and, in some cases, painful change of prevailing economic and social relations.

Former President Mahama said Ghana needed a new era of Social Justice: “it is time for renewal and gathering; it is time for greater self-reliance; it is time to close the wealth gap that divides our society; it is time to finally end intolerance and social discrimination against ethnic groups, religious groups, gender and age groups.

“It is time to end the repression of the media; it is time to unite and create opportunities for all – not just a few; it is time to do this democratically – with the full involvement of our people”.

He said the world is changing fast and in fundamental ways. “We must place Ghana in sync with the new developments taking place around the world in order to propel our economy into an advanced one.

“We must prepare Ghana to cope with the current global changes, and we must open new horizons and hope, to instil a new sense of purpose in our people, catching up on what we have missed while taking steps to enhance our growth.

“To achieve this, we must build a knowledge-based economy and move faster into the new world of smart manufacturing and digital services. This will not only generate growth, but also prosperity for all Ghanaians.

“We will create not only jobs, but sustainable and decent jobs, so that people can live dignified lives”.

He said “With this in mind, we set out to develop the People’s Manifesto, a social contract between the NDC and the people of Ghana.

“This People’s Manifesto lays the foundation for its tackling and the renewal of my resolve to deliver Jobs and Prosperity for all Ghanaians. I hope you will identify with the ideals of our People’s Manifesto, vote for me John Dramani Mahama, and engage us to improve our programme delivery.

“I believe that there are great times ahead for all of us. Let us all join hands to create the country that we all wish for. Vote for the John DRamani Mahama and the NDC to restore the economy”.

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