GUTA President, Dr Joseph Obeng

President of the Ghana Union of Traders Association (GUTA), Dr Joseph Obeng has urged the various Political Parties to ensure the delivery and implementation of all their Manifesto promises when they win the upcoming December polls.

Dr Obeng noted that it is only when the people have seen the practical implementation of campaign promises that they can use them as benchmarks of comparison.

The GUTA President was speaking in an interview with Class Business’ Pious Kojo Backah on Monday, 10 October 2020.

He explained that: “We see manifestos as a mere declaration of intentions. As at now that political campaigns are going on, we will entreat all politicians to make sure that when you make a manifesto only when we see practical and implementation, and then we can use it as a benchmark of comparison.”

Dr Obeng also indicated that the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) while campaigning ahead of the 2016 elections promised to reduce benchmark values, by a range of 30 percent to 50 percent in their first term of office.

He noted that the party had fulfilled that promise, thus, a clear indication of what a manifesto promise should be.

He urged the political parties to consider making access to credit cheap and affordable as part of their manifesto for those engaged in trading in the country.

“For the trading community what we seek more, and we want all the political parties to know, is that when you ask me three things that I need as a leader of the trading community, I’ll say access to cheap credit, access to affordable credit.”

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